Magic Mile – Participant Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants should be aware of and understand the risks involved in taking part in the Magic Mile Events (being the Magic Mile Classic race, the Magic Mile Challenge race and the Obstacle Race) (the “Magic Mile Events”), and acknowledge the degree of fitness required to take part therein. It is the sole responsibility of a participant to ensure that he/she is physically fit to participate in and complete the race(s) without any medical or other assistance.
  2. Any person suffering from any chronic disease such as heart disease or high blood pressure should not participate in the Magic Mile Events. Westlink Investments (the “Organiser”), at its sole discretion, also has the right to suspend any participant who appears or is suspected to be physically unfit to participate in any Magic Mile Event.
  3. The Organiser may cancel the Magic Mile Events if a tropical cyclone warning signal no.3 or above, or if a red or black rainstorm signal is hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory on or after 5:00 am on Sunday 7 May 2023, or for any other force majeure events (including, without limitation, any acts of God, accident, riots, war, terrorist act, epidemic, pandemic, civil commotion, fire, flood, water, storm, explosion or any natural calamity, or change in laws or regulations), and the participants shall not be entitled to refund of any donation amounts. Please pay special attention to the weather report the night before the Magic Mile Events as it will indicate whether tropical cyclone warning signals or red or black rainstorm signals are likely to be hoisted in the relevant period.
  4. By taking part in any of the Magic Mile Events or by signing and acknowledging below, you as a participant:
    • are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions, and acknowledge that this document may be relied upon in any proceedings issued in any country and by any of your representatives, assigns, heirs or executors;
    • consent to your personal information being used and collected for the purposes only of your participation in the Magic Mile Events and in accordance with the Privacy Policy which can be found at;
    • represent and warrant to the Organiser that you are physically fit and capable of participating in the relevant Magic Mile Event(s);
    • acknowledge and agree that you are participating in the relevant Magic Mile Event(s) at your own risk;
    • agree to comply with the laws and regulations of the Hong Kong SAR;
    • agree to follow the directions given to you by the employees, volunteers or representatives of the Organiser; and
    • agree to indemnify the Organiser, affiliates of the Organiser (including without limitation Goodman Asia Limited, GPS Hong Kong Limited each member of the Goodman Group) and Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong Limited (together, the “Indemnified Parties”) and hold the Indemnified Parties harmless in respect of any injury, damage or loss suffered by you or any other person incurred in connection with your participation in the relevant Magic Mile Event(s) (including where that injury, damage or loss is incurred as a result of the actions, omission or negligence of any Indemnified Party or third party).
  5. The Organiser, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse any participant to enter and/or remain in the venue of the Magic Mile Events without giving any reasons, and the participant shall not be entitled to refund of any donation amounts.
  6. The Organiser reserves the sole and final right to interpret and amend these terms and conditions as it sees fit from time to time.

Magic Mile – Release Agreement

I/we consent to use of my name, image, photograph, video, performance and/or likeness, in whole or in part, by Westlink Investments, Goodman Asia Limited and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “Goodman”) and their successors and assigns for purposes of advertising and/or trade in any and all media, throughout the world in perpetuity, without restriction as to frequency or duration of usage.

Such uses shall include illustrations, bulletins, videotapes, reprints, reproductions, publications, websites, and any promotional or educational materials in any media now known or later developed. I/ we waive any claim of royalty, right, remuneration or compensation in any form for that use.

I/ we understand that I/ we have no right, title or interest to the photographs, videos and materials, and that Goodman shall have a licence in perpetuity to use any and all photographs and materials (and all rights therein, including the copyright) produced pursuant to this agreement. I/ we release Goodman and its agents and assigns from any and all claims which arise out of or are in any way connected with such use.